Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My lying eyes!

This is hard to believe.

Drivers could get a break from high gasoline prices when the federal budget is introduced late this month or in early May, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said Wednesday.

MacKay said there is little the federal government can do to ease the international tensions blamed for the latest price spike.

Instead, the Conservatives are looking at tax relief, he told reporters after attending the Halifax Chamber of Commerce's annual general meeting.

I can hear the distant thunder of approaching enviromentalists. If gas tax relief materializes, it shows that hard work pays off.


Robert McClelland said...

If taxes keep getting cut as they have been over the past decade, will we ever reach a point where the CTF says, "Okay, that's enough tax cutting," or will the CTF continue to call for tax cuts until all taxes are elimated along with all levels of government?

Alberta Oilman said...

As long as statism, big government and unions exist to misuse taxpayer money I suspect the CTF will be around.

David MacLean said...

How about this:

I'll stop advocating for lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government the day I write a cheque to pay my taxes and think "This is a fair amount, and this is money well spent."

Someone once said that to me, and it made sense.

Robert McClelland said...

So what do you consider a fair amount? The fed government collected $90 billion in income taxes last year. How much do you think they should have collected in order for it to be "fair"?

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

Put a luxury tax on gas eating 4x4's and SUV's. That would be a good start. Next slow down Semi's to 100 kms on twinned highways and 90 kmh on single lane highways. They are ruining our roads.

Maryjane said...

David, David ,David....I and the vast majority of Sask. taxpayers pay an enormous amount of taxes so that your supporters in agriculture can enjoy their subsidies. Come clean. You don't advocate for lower taxes. Why do you promote choice in child care and health care but want to deny taxpayer choice in farmer care?
From the "News Review Extra"-Mon. Apr. 17, 2006: "From a different perspective, roughly 9.5% of the province's $7.7 billion budget goes to agriculture, either directly or indirectly, the minister (Mark Wartman) explains.
9.5%!!!!And apas wants what? 3.5 billion for starters. I mean who are you trying to kid?

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