Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gas Price Conspiracy Revealed...

Here are two great columns written by Rich Lowry and Max Schulz of the National Review Online. The two columns tackle the age old questions, "Is there a gas price conspiracy?" and if so, "Isn't it time to call in the price regulators?".

Enjoy the read, I certainly did!


Brian C said...

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but....If oil supply is down, while the demand is increasing, the oil companies would have to increase their prices accordingly to maintain reasonable profits. If this was all that was occurring, I don't think anyone would have a right to complain. However, the massive windfall profits that the oil companies are reporting does suggest that the price increases may not be in line with what is needed. Spending loads of taxpayer dollars on investigations into the collusion or gouging by the oil companies is pointless but may win a few votes. The prices will continue to rise and the only way to get some relief is to reduce your own consumption. Get rid of the gas guzzling beast if you don't really need it. Try carpooling or (gasp) public transportation once in a while. It's inconvenient. It sucks. But until there is viable alternative energy source, it's the best anyone can do.

winston churchill said...

Okay class, let's do a quick review of WHY oil / gas prices are going WAY up!!!
1)George W. Bush is an 'oilman' by profession.
2)Oilmen like it when the price of oil goes up because they can maximize profit.
3)Anything that destabalizes the oil producing nations causes the price of oil to go up.
4)George W. Bush (an oilman) got himself elected President of the United States of America and immediately engaged in military destabalization of the middle east nations that produce oil.
5)The price of oil went WAY up!
6)All of the oilmen are now raking in buzzillions in profits thanks to George W. Bush's foresight as an 'oilman'.

Now get ready for someone to rush here with that old 'Supply and demand - supply and demand' mantra - what a bunch of crap that is.

These are the same sentiments that will make health care unaffordable if these extremist free marketers EVER get their chance to wreck it.

Anglo-Canadian said...

If GWB is indeed that powerful, all the more reason to decrease statism in all forms.

Shawn said...

Massive windfall profits is a bi misleading. Seen several estimates that suggest profits are around 8-9%. That isn't a killing. Quoting x billion sounds impressive if you can forget the fact that these companies spend huge sums on exploration, drilling, transport, and refining.

Brian C said...

Do a google search on "oil company reported profits". Each of major oil companies is reporting all time record profits. Profits are reported after deducting research and development. I call that a windfall.

Shawn said...

Allow an increase in refining capacity. More available gas will drive down prices.

Joe Sixpack said...

So the oil companies are raking in record profits of buzillions, but if we listen to the CTF, these poor oil companies should pay NO taxes which leaves Joe and Mary taxpayer to cover everything else. What a thinly veiled charade this is.

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