Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fishery 'crats travel big

How about a trip to Estonia?

The incidents occurred last fall, just as the department was saying it had moved to clean up its policing of travel and hospitality abuses, according to the documents obtained by The Canadian Press. The audits were specially ordered by deputy minister Larry Murray after his senior officials raised red flags about expenses claimed by staff at two events.

The department sent 31 people to the Estonian capital of Tallinn from Sept. 19 to 23 last year for the annual meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization. The trip cost taxpayers $250,000.

When this kind of abuse continues to happen, everyone should be looking at the top. Perhaps the Deputy Minister level. Voters have already done their job at the political level.


R.S. Porter said...

I'd be alright with the cost if the government were going to Estonia to research their flat tax.

Robert McClelland said...

Any thoughts on this outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars?

$14k spent for no other reason than to allow Emerson to hide out in his riding when the heat was on.

David MacLean said...

That's ridiculous...ever hear of a conference call?

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