Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Choice in Child Care is GOOD Policy

The opposition have vowed to fight for a zero-options childcare plan and now the Prime Minister has dared them to defeat the government over its own more flexible plan.

For the record, the CTF argued for a similar flexible plan in its most recent pre-budget submission.

Critics will say that this plan doesn't cover the total cost of daycare but surely the total cost of caring for children shouldn't fall to the government (read: taxpayers)?

How many more unsustainable, feel-good, programs does this country need? (Reminder: Canada is $500-billion in debt, excluding provincial debts).

Further, the Liberal plan ONLY provides for those who wish to put their kids in 9-5, government-run, institutional, unionized, warehouse facilities. Stay-at-home moms/dads, Granny, and Aunt Ethel don't even register on the radar under that scheme.

Conclusion: Give parents options, don't expect the government to pay the whole shot, and recognize that a cookie-cutter approach is inherently flawed.

As contortionists like to say - flexibility is key!


Robert McClelland said...

So this is how the CTF fights for taxpayers, is it. You clap while Harper hands $1200 of my tax money over to some guy making a hundred grand a year. How can you justify getting on board Harper's welfare plan?

Adam Taylor said...

Everyone will get $1200 per year - yes that includes the highest-income earners - 10% of the population that pay over 50% of all incomes taxes.

Much better plan than one that forces all to pay for only those who put their kids in 9-5 daycare.

What about stay-at-home parents, those on shift work, etc?

Surely, they too deserve options?

Does this country ONLY support the two-income working family?

sask.taxpayers federation said...

We need more daycare spaces. Most women's groups agree to that. They are the mother's of our land. I believe them. 1200.00 Hmmmmmmmm!! It 's better to bribe a few fools than help the rest. Money talks.

David MacLean said...

If we had our way there would be no child care plan at all. Instead there would be lower taxes for everyone, and people can do what they want with their after-tax dollars.

But look at the alternative. We had the other two major political parties proposing massive government-run subsidy schemes.

No question about it, we prefer the simplicity and transparency of the government plan.

Robert McClelland said...

Everyone will get $1200 per year

Wrong. I won't be getting anything except robbed by Harper's welfare plan.

No question about it, we prefer the simplicity and transparency of the government plan.

Sorry Davey, but I don't buy the argument that the CTF has to support Harper's welfare plan on the basis that you claim it's better than the Liberal plan. Either fight for my tax dollars too or admit you're all a pack of frauds pimping the conservative agenda.

Maryjane said...

adam... Yes, what about those on shift work whose children are over age 6? They have REAL child care needs and get NOTHING. Harper's plan is a colossal waste and your support demonstates the sham that is your claim to non-partisanship.

Adam Taylor said...

"Mary Jane":

The proposed child care allowance is, as David says, the lesser of two evils.

Surely, people don't EXPECT the government and all taxpayers to pay for their child-rearing...?

Would we have gotten this far without a national, union-driven, non-universal daycare scheme? Yes we would have, and yes we have.

If you read closely there is a plan to create daycare spaces by offering incentives to create them - this WILL be effective as businesses already go to great lengths to recruit top-notch employees - many of whom have children.

As for the "what do my 6+ one day and up kids get" group, the answer is simple - the Canada Child Tax Benefit is still available, as is various provincial assistance programs.

Maryjane said...

adam... If the Canada Child Tax Benefit is available, as are provincial assistance programs, then why implement this wasteful, glorified baby bonus at all? Do you support a lesser of evils only because it is a Conservative evil?

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

Ya lower taxes ...........that's all it takes. Super Dave open your eyes. The top 2% in our society don't pay taxes. So who benefits from lower taxes? We the people who depend on Medicare,pensions and and fund Farm programs where will the money come from? You cannot point to a government that practises any of your suggestions or even listens to you. But big buisness likes the way you stand up for them.........like they need you. Big buisness pays not taxes any more so who are you fighting for? Not for taxpayers. You couldn't administer an enema.

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