Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tory Prudence?

Remember the last election campaign? How Harper and the other Tory candidates talk about fiscal responsibility?

Take a look at what Greg Weston, of the Ottawa Sun uncovered:

  • "Nice to see the politicians representing Canadian labour showing their true measure of respect for the hard-earned taxes that pay their government salaries. Last week, the country's federal and provincial labour ministers gathered for their annual conference to discuss pressing issues such as whether a healthy workplace is a good thing.

  • Unfortunately for taxpayers, it seems there was not a single government meeting room and cafeteria available anywhere in any province in the country to host this important gathering.
    Instead, federal Conservative Labour Minister Pierre Blackburn co-hosted his provincial counterparts and their respective entourages for three days at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, the most expensive hotel in the nation's most expensive resort during the annual Spring Break week when skiing is best and prices are highest.

  • The final press release stated: "Ministers emphasized that a change in the workplace culture is at the core of creating safe and healthy workplaces." Not to mention a week of spring skiing. "


TimR said...

In all fairness, wouldn't such an annual conference have been booked months in advance and shouldn't the blame still fall on the Liberals?

David MacLean said...

Like someone once said: "You had a choice!"

Brian C said...

Did they at least invite the Governor General?

sask.taxpayers federation said...

Pork is still pork. Entitlement is still there. Like you thought the Tories would be different. Have you forgot the Mulroney years of excess?

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