Monday, March 06, 2006

Taxpayer-funded Tommy Douglas movie set to air

And it pleases The Union.

Now, with the election over, the pro-CBC Liberals gone and the anti-CBC Tories in power, the network seems to have decided it can risk telling Douglas' story.

To say the least, it's curious behaviour for a public network whose viewers, by the millions, voted Tommy Douglas the "Greatest Canadian" of all time in a contest that ran for nearly eight months in 2004.

[Wait, there's more. ]

"Vision, eloquence, wit and passionate commitment to social causes made Tommy Douglas an unstoppable force," says Kevin De Walt of Minds Eye Entertainment in Regina, the company that produced the miniseries."

[Ed: This is the same Minds Eye that has filed for court protection from its creditors and is partly owned by the NDP government of Saskatchewan. Taxpayers are also on the hook for a $600 thousand subsidy to make sure the film was made.]

"Now more than ever, this story will inspire generations of Canadians to preserve his precious legacy - the legacy of a spirited champion of the people." NUPGE


Shawn said...

Surely canonization cannot be far behind? After all Tommy has a miracle to his credit. He took a province with abundant natural resources and a hardworking population and turned it into an economic basketcase.

Adam Taylor said...

But at least our health-care system has no problems eh?

Shawn said...

That's funny!

Adam Taylor said...

I thought so:)

The Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

The taxpayers of Canada paid partly for a movie about Trudeau. I think it's a great story worth telling. Tommy Douglas was a humanitarian to who rural Sask should thank every year. We all should thank him. He's the Greatest Canadian. He did so much for so many.A lot of which you young bloggers on here take for granted. You don't know the scope of what he did. He did a lot that other parties like to take credit for.Lest we forget.

Shawn said...

If you think it is such a great, moving story put your money where your mouth is rather than wasting tax dollars? How fitting that a story about Tommy Douglas could only be financed with taxpayer dollars. I guess the rest of us are too busy trying to pay off the financial sins of his ideological heirs.

Anonymous said...

Shawn - perhaps you should take a look at the historical economics...when Tommy Douglas (a fiscal conservative) left office, Saskatchewan was more economically stable than at any other time in its history. Mr. Thatcher deserves all credit for the 'economic basketcase' you eloquently described. The film received a grant from the Saskatchewan Government, but also created close to 6 million in economic spinoff (in Saskatchewan) - in the same fashion the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Memorial Cup, Grey Cup, etc. is funded.

Shawn said...

I was referring to the change in personal responsbility and love of government to solve everyone's problems, moreso than the dollars and cents.

I would advance the argument that he laid the foundation for the grasping, envious morass that the province has become. Those that have followed have merely compounded the problem. Unfortunately, there are too few politicians (of any stripe) willing to do what is necessary to reverse this decades-long slide.

One thing, though, nice to see the NDP has some other boogeymen than Grant Devine. Given Mr. Douglas' keen view of Marxism, and later Keynesian economics, I have my doubts about the financial stability he left the government.

Look at the Calvert "government". Supposedly balancing the books, but I have little doubt once a new government takes the reins, massive fiscal chicanery will come to light. (Fiscal Stabilization Fund, anyone?)

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