Monday, March 06, 2006

Sask labour relations board refuses to disclose information

Just came across this. Turns out that the Saskatchean Labour Relations Board refused to even respond to information requests made by the Fraser Institute for their Labour Watch study. With the information that was available, Saskatchewan's LRB ranked very low in terms of transparency and responsiveness.

I think the very least taxpayers can expect from the LRB is for them to actually answer questions. Absurd.


Sask.Taxpayers Fed. said...

Why should the Fraser Institute have access to private files? Who are they any way? Way to go Government. These right wing think tanks if they think do not have the right to files. There is not one government that discloses files because the Fraser Institue wants them. Taxpayers need to be protected.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they're hiding? Taxpayers are being abused, no doubt!

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