Saturday, March 18, 2006

Regina Mayor wants libraries added to infrastructure program

We've got a better idea, Pat. Fix the damn roads.

Leader Post:

Mayor Pat Fiacco added his support and provided a report on the work of a Federation of Canadian Municipalities committee that is working on the issue.

Fiacco said that committee agreed "that municipal property such as parks, libraries, recreation and child-care facilities ... should be treated as infrastructure for the purposes of federal infrastructure investments.''

The Regina Public Library needs a total of about $10 million over the next five years to do all the needed repairs and renovations to library facilities, Hincks said. She noted some of that money can be raised through fundraising, such as the library's home lottery.

Of course these are the same empty and crumbling libraries that should have been closed long ago. The city needs to stick to core business and fix the pathetic streets in Regina instead of buying shiney new buses that will roam around the city mostly empty.


Chad Moats said...

I agree the roads are terrible an extra $1 M isn't going make a small dent in it. The buses are good investment, as people need to use their cars less and will with rising costs. The library's are important in developing a well educated and literate society. I am curious to the definition of core services and where it can be found, in the cities act ?
I also believe that the cities need to taken off of the dole, prov and fed, and given the ability to levy long term sustainable revenue streams, a sales tax of 1-2% or income levy of 1-2% tax owed. The hotel associations "tax" is a slippery slope and should only fall under the administration of some form of government, private entities should not levy taxes. Allowing the cities to develop long term revenue will reduce dependence of other taxpayers and allow them to maintain and develop their services.

David MacLean said...

Sure, libraries are great. But they have to be well managed and cost effective. I don't want to re-fight the library battle, but there was a lot of merit in the proposals to shut down three libraries. I would rather see public money going to improving and centralizing the library system than keeping old and little used libraries open for the sake of empty platitudes.

As for the hotel tax, we don't really look at it that way. It's simply an agreement to raise money for tourism marketing and they are collectively agreeing to raise their prices.

What makes it different is that customers have a choice. If they don't like the 2 per cent increase, they can go elsewhere.

Aside from that, you make some good points here. The property tax system is ridiculous, and needs to be re-vamped. The CTF has some good proposals in British Columbia to that end.

I personally think someone could get elected as mayor simply by promising to use fuel tax money from the feds to upgrade city streets and sidewalks -- and not just the main arteries.

That's where the fuel tax money is intended to go. Unfortunately the politicians always seem to find other ways to spend it -- like propping up old libraries and buying buses that few people use.

Sask.federation of Taxpayers said...

CTF have you visited a library lately? The Libraries that were slated to close were in the poorest areas of Regina. We have to quit blaming the poor for our troubles. It's not all their fault. They need access to books more than some. You have to educate people to get change.

Chad Moats said...

[quote]As for the hotel tax, we don't really look at it that way. It's simply an agreement to raise money for tourism marketing and they are collectively agreeing to raise their prices.

What makes it different is that customers have a choice. If they don't like the 2 per cent increase, they can go elsewhere.
The fact is all members of the hotel associations are doing it, leaving ones not charging it slim to none. Also, as a business the cost of marketing should be included in the price. This levy by private entities smacks of collusion and/or price fixing.

David MacLean said...

That's an interesting way to look at it.

Chad Moats said...

What does that mean ?
A group of businesses getting together to collectively charge a agreed rate on overlapping services. What does that sound like ?
Is there any oversight to insure these funds are allocated properly ?
It smells fishier then the Halifax Harbour.

Chad Moats said...

David could you please define a city's core services and please reference me to any sources, etc.

David MacLean said...

I don't need a source. The core functions of a muncipality are roads, fire, and police.

Chad Moats said...

I don't need a source. The core functions of a muncipality are roads, fire, and police.

Your kidding right ? About not needing sources.
No water,no garbage, no parks, no sewer, no libraries? Are you sure, David ?

David MacLean said...

Sure I would add water and sewer, but those services can just as easily be delivered privately. What's your point, Oliver?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Chad Moats - the guy who trolls blogs all day under fake identities...

Good on ya David for pointing out that a) this guy is a mouthpiece for big government and high taxes and b) has zero ethics when trying to debate.

Stooping to such a low as to imposter a blind, elderly dying man is disgusting Mr. Moats. It says alot about your integrity.

Tell me - do you send your tax returns to Ottawa with hugs and kisses?

Woodstock, ON
Proud CTF supporter

Chad Moats said...

Be careful, you are trending the libel line, Mr. MacLean.
As far as water being private, I have one word, Walkerton.

David MacLean said...

I don't exactly know what "trending the libel line" means.

But I do know that the walkerton water system wasn't private -- it was public. While I would never use your logic on this issue, if I did I would supposedly prove that public water systems lead to contaminated water and cost lives. I would never make that argument though, because it's specious and unethical.

By the way, so is posing as a 92 year old cancer victim.

Chad Moats said...

David, Accusing someone of doing something you have no proof of is libel. You are trending that line, by posting unsubstaniated statements in your public comments section.
Walkerton was an issue of public cut backs by your hero, Mike Harris. Foreshadowing of private delivery issues. Those days in the AB gov't taught you how to spin but not back up an argument. Mr. I don't need sources. The all knowing and all seeing, CTF.

David MacLean said...


You expect me to believe that someone masquerading as Chad Moats posted a comment in a thread to look like Chad Moats was masquerading as a 92 year old cancer victim who is blind, takes STC buses every day yet still trolls the CTF blog and then killed that comment thereby only allowing the moderator to see the identity of the person posing as the cancer victim.

Yeah that's plausible.

Chad Moats said...

You claimed that I was Oliver, do you have any proof that I posted as Oliver, not as myself.
That is where you run into libelous comments and defamation of character.
I freely admit to making post and deciding, quickly, that it was posted out of anger and in error so deleted it. Be careful mate, your about to cross the line.

David MacLean said...

Chad, just forget about it and move on. You and I both know exactly what happened. Go threaten to sue someone else. I'm going to kill your comments from now on.

Anonymous said...


Cutbacks on public water management is what caused Walkerton?

You're a damned fool! If you followed the inquiry, you would know that your argument is a steaming pile of bull plop.

IF cutbacks were the reason, we would have had E-Coli everywhere. In actuality it was incompetent humans that covered up their cock-ups - not cutbacks.

Besides, if you want to get technical - downloading started at the top so blame Paul Martin for all the problems you socialists lay at the feet of Mike Harris. You reading David Miller's speaking notes again?

I am from Ontario. You know as much about Ontario as you do about grammar, ethics and debate.

You hvae been a pain in the ass for months - buzz off. You annoy me. Go hug a tree, and write the government a cheque while you are at it to give them more of your money.

You make me laugh. Get a job.

48 yr. old Ontarian who knows more about Walkerton than you know about Marxism.

David MacLean said...

Chad, you never threatened a lawsuit, but I have to kill your comments. I don't really have much of a choice.

Sask.federation of Taxpayers said...

David, that is so typical of you and your organization. What's good for the goose is good for the gander !
I recommend an apology.

sask.taxpayers federation said...

Taxes come from the people,the rate payers the tax payers. The Mayor does not want to raise taxes to keep his promise. But he may have to.

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