Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Regina: The Big Mistake

The failure to implement the "Renewing Regina Public Schools" plan will have consequences long into the future. As we told the the Board last night, the bill for inaction will be paid by students in the form of reduced educational opportunties, by ratepayers in the form of higher taxes, and by school staff in the form of deteriorating working conditions.


sask.taxpayers federation said...

There will be some school closures in the future. We could save a lot of money with one school system. 2 systems are too expensive. With one school system it would stop the luring of students from one board to the other every time a school closes. There are board elections coming up so there will be no closures this year.

David MacLean said...

That' unacceptable. The interests fo the system can't wait until it's convenient for politicians. That's insulting.

Mayor Quimby said...

What's wrong with split grade classes ?
I am willing to have my taxes increase to pay for community schools and smaller class sizes.
This increase would nullify your to other negative consequences, as it would supply them with the resources necessary to teach and for children to learn.
Educating our kids is more important then anything else, period. No matter the cost it!
The CTF should stick to matters that effect their business elite donors, not attempt to undermine our education system through straw men.

David MacLean said...

So you think they should spend millions to keep schools open that are likely going to be empty in a few years? That money should be going toward educating kids, and not refurbishing half-empty buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mayor Quimby there is nothing to stop you from sending in more money to the school board. Send them a cheque for a couple of thousand dollars. Send it today!!!

I for one don't believe that more money is the solution. Every couple years, countries are tested in the area of education and everytime Canada ranks low on results and high on spending. There are countries spending nearly half of what we do providing a better education for their kids.

More money is not the answer.

But hey, you can send them a cheque anytime you want....

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

Insulting or not that's life. That's why City hall didn't raise taxes this year.

Adam Taylor said...

"Business Elite Donors" - HA!

Ask the largest corporations in Canada who line up at the trough for public money how much they give to the CTF.

Or, I can answer for you. Zilch!

Read our stuff attacking coporate welfare - do you really think these types bankroll the CTF?!?!

We are funded by thousands of small donations from everyday taxpaying Canadians who see something wrong with high taxes, excessive waste of public money, and governments that aren't accountable to the people that elect them.

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