Monday, March 13, 2006

Oyate Safe House

Raskolnikov takes out the ball peen hammer again. It must be Monday.

The mention of accountability brings us to the yearly requirement of justifying their continued existence, a requirement which, in this case, should have set off alarm bells in the first year they were in operation and reported that only a handful of youth were using this taxpayer-funded home. Thirty-four youth in two and a half years is roughly 14 per year. That is about one per month. That tells me that the demand is simply not there, and this funding is unjustified. Why does it not seem unreasonable to assume that for most of the last 30 months, there have probably been more Staff and Admin than youth? And more importantly, with one youth per month, on average, utilizing the facility, exactly what were staff and admin doing all the time? Working the kinks out, obviously.

He should be careful with that thing.

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