Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oil and democracy

Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft:

Taft said when oil wealth takes the place of taxes, “the full development of democracy is inhibited.“When you pay your taxes, you expect to be represented, so when you drill for wealth and thereby bypass taxes, you also bypass representation.”
Can someone please explain what the heck this means? Will this kind of meat-and-potatoes messaging get this guy elected?


yyc said...

Dear Mr. Taft,

Please increase my taxes at your earliest convenience as it will make me feel more represented by the government.

Liberally yours,

Brick Wall said...

It might explain the general electoral apathy in Alberta.
As far as winning, isn't Ralph suppose to be the last PC premier for AB, according to tradition.

PGP said...

This is what the Alberta Liberals choose for a leader??
I assume he is the Very Best of the bunch!

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

So I guess this mean that WalMart and Shell and McDonalds and AllState don't have to pay taxes in Alberta if the Liberals get elected...or else they will pay taxes and also get to vote.

Anonymous said...

Most countries that get the bulk of the government revenue from oil royalities are anti-democratic. It is better to give the oil revenue to the people (see Alaska) and then tax what is needed for services from the people that the government to take the money in royalities. It's a two step process but ensures that people see the money and control it better.

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