Monday, March 06, 2006

Making the case for fixed budget dates

This is an interesting article in general but I found this particularly interesting:

Tory and New Democrat Leader Howard Hampton both accused the Liberals of timing the budget one week ahead of three March 30 byelections for political gain.

"This is about trying to schedule a budget so that the McGuinty government can try to buy a byelection," Hampton said.

But insiders say the timing of the budget has nothing to do with the byelections -- particularly since the Liberals don't expect to win the ridings previously held by two Tories and an NDP member before all three ran federally last month.

Duncan has said he wanted to hold the budget earlier than usual -- last year's was in May -- to give hospitals, schools and municipalities more time to prepare their own budgets.
Last year's Ontario budget was in May??? That's totally irresponsible. So the government was basically run on "special warrants" (cabinet decrees that are NOT debated in the legislature) for two months. Meanwhile health authorities are twiddling their thumbs waiting to see what the province is going to do. And then, of course, there is the little matter of the byelection. We're sure there will be plenty of "targeted" goodies in this budget.

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