Wednesday, March 29, 2006



The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has done this city a huge favour with its excellent report into the real salaries and benefits enjoyed by Edmonton's mayor and city councillors.

In fact, the CTF's Fair & Transparent Council Compensation report is so good, the city's Independent Council Compensation Committee should simply adopt its recommendations without further delay. The CTF hits upon every single point that we've been arguing for years when it comes to making council compensation more fair and transparent. And the CTF also proves that our city councillors are not underpaid by any means.

We completely agree with the CTF's call that the confusing array of tax-free allowances paid to councillors be rolled into a fully taxable salary - the kind "enjoyed" by every other citizen in this city who doesn't have access to the kind of two-tiered tax exemptions available to civic politicians.


Anonymous said...

Well,I have e mailed 3 pepole in city hall asking why we don't hear about them doing any cutbacks or why we do not hear anything about privitization,this includes the mayor.I haven't even got a reply from any of them.Hmm ?

David MacLean said...

To some, profligate spending is an end in and of itself.

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