Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy End of Fiscal Year!

When the clock strikes midnight the books will close on fiscal 2005-06.

The competition bureau has again determined there is no price fixing amongst gasoline companies.

And, Newfoundland has recorded a surplus thanks to their offshore energy deal with the feds.

And one more thing...Support the CTF!


ok4ua said...

The first balanced budget ever in NFLD.

Anonymous said...

Why would we join a 'Taxpayer' Federation which is mainly funded by big business? Reveal your members or be content to be thought of as purely a mouthpiece for corporate Canada and not really the 'taxpayer' you suggest.

sask.taxpayers federation said...

NFLD has been in financial troubles for years. They've had years of bad governments. They're the most taxed ,highest unemployed most broke province in Canada. I feel sorry for the people. They are going to need all of that oil money. How many jobs were created?

Scott said...

Amoymous wants to know who the Supporters are of the CTF, yet he wishes to remain Anon.
tpical Hypocritic socialist

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