Saturday, March 11, 2006

Government says no to life-extending cancer drug

But, if cancer patients really want the drug, they can pay out of pocket for it. Your five months of living aren't worth $36,000 to the government.

Taylor said the government made the decision on Avastin based on the cost of the drug -- which would increase costs to the province's health plan by about $6.5 million -- versus its effectiveness.

In conjunction with chemotherapy, Avastin has been shown in clinical trials to add an average of five months to the lifespan of patients with incurable colorectal cancer.

The government will allow patients to pay for the pricey drug themselves at a cost of about $36,000 a year.


Anonymous said...

There was a problem in Saskatchewan about 3 years ago, where the progince would not coever the cost of certain "nutritional supplements" that were needed to keep a child alive: the child could not eat food the conventional way: these supplements were free in Alberta, or in Sask, if they were on welfare: as it was, these were working people, so had to pay over a 1000/month out of pocket. The NDP provided coverage right before the last election.
The latest job numbers are out: Sask is the only province losing jobs: the more the NDP tax and regulate, the worse things are getting: and our social programs are suffering as a result.

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

The cost to provide this drug is est. at 6 million dollars a year. The drug is not a cure. It is for terminal cancer patients. It extends their life up to 6 mos longer. The cost of the drug is too much for so little hope. I think the government did the right thing. The needs of the many outway the needs of an individual in this case.

David MacLean said...

That is really twisted logic. If the government monopoly health system can't or won't provide the medicine, they should allow people to purchase health insurance and go to private hospitals. Politicians should not be making life and death decisions for people. This is a charter challenge waiting to happen.

Sask.Taxpayers Federation. said...

Super Dave the only thing twisted here is your affinity to argue over something that benefits almost no one. So you can add 4 or 6 mos to your life??? That's worth 6 million dollars?? I think not. If it was a more permanent treatment I can see it. Not for a few mos. It's too costly. Admit it.
If your number is up what's 4 mos? Not much. I think the drug is a money grab that gives people false hope.

David MacLean said...

The value of five months of life should be determined by those facing that decision.

Anonymous said...

Hey troll, you socialists never did understand the old adage (parable) about risking the 99 to save the one. You would rather sacrifice a few "dispensible" types so that the rest can remain forcibly mediocre.
I think that you are sick. Your type is sick; you justify telling lies on the basis that the ends justify the means; socialism must be protected! Destroy a few signs during the election; it's all worth it! some dirty tricks; hey, we are protecting medicare! let some people die 6 months early; all for the cause! you sleazy socialists think that it's all ok, a small sacrifice to prop up the Big Lie that you care about people.
mugly self-righteous yet thoroughly corrupt yet too dumb or venal to realize it.

John Murney said...

David, as someone whose mother made a completely successful recovery from cancer 12 years ago, I am outraged the Calvert Government is doing this. If our taxdollars aren't going to be used to help someone who truly needs help, then what is the use in paying taxes at all?

Shawn said...

Yet another reason this sham "health"care system must be replaced by something that actually works.

Interesting the gov't will allow people to purchase this drug, but not an MRI or hip replacement. I guess if you are going to be dead in 6 months, they don't see you as a threat anymore(maybe no one will hear about you being able to purchase something to help yourself out). But, if getting a knee done might allow you to function normally again, better hold that up as long as possible.

Only one word to describe the NDP and their apparatchiks : hypocrites.

tommy douglas said...

I don't want my damn tax dollars paying for someone to live a few extra months. David shame for suggesting it. Last donation I make to the CTF.
He can purchase it from the Cancer Soc., if he wants.

Anonymous said...

Our tax dollars are beung used to make a propaganda on TV about Tommy Douglas: and not being used to save lives; shame on you Tommy, for turning this once proud province into a basket case with a shrinking population and tax base, falling job numbers, the highest crime rate of any province, the longest surgical waiting lists in Canada, the highest corporate taxes, and a growing government propped up by bitter old timers like tommy here. I'm in pA, the pulp mill is about to shut down, and in large part because of NDP polcies on the FMA, on taxes, on unions, on opposing the cogeneration plant that Weyco wanted... so many of my friends are leaving, young people with families, and some of them ahve gone to build an addition onto the Weyco pulp mill in Grande Prairie. And i don't beleive that tommy pays any taxes, or ,makes any donations, but I bet he takes everything that he can!

DS said...

The question not being asked is why is this drug so expensive in the first place? There is an obvious demand for said drug. I doubt the cost to make it is even close to what it sells for. It seems to me they could stay profitable by lowering the price and meeting the demand instead of keeping an artificially high price.

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