Thursday, March 30, 2006

Freedom Party of Ontario

The Freedom Party is running candidates in three byelection races and they have put forward a very interesting policy document.

Check this nugget:

A McKeever government will:

1. scrap Ontario’s taxation of property;

2. convert Ontario’s PST into a broader-based value-added tax, and lower the PST rate as necessary to make the conversion revenue neutral;

3. give to each and every Ontario municipality the discretion to add a municipal premium to the PST within its respective geographic borders. The province will collect each municipality’s premium through already existing provincial collection systems, and remit the revenues to the municipalities in which they were paid. To discourage abuse and ensure accountability, municipal and regional governments will be denied the power to undermine tax-rate competition between municipalities via legislative, contractual, or other methods.

Interesting. Read the whole thing. H/T London Fog.

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