Tuesday, March 28, 2006

End Toronto's Fiscal Incompetence!

OTTAWA: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the City of Toronto to live within its means by looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, return to basics and freeze property taxes in advance of Toronto's official budget debates that begin on Wednesday, March 29.

With an annual budget shortfall of over $400-million, Toronto must trim costs and focus on essentials instead of providing frills while relying on annual handouts from Queen's Park. Contracting out services such as waste collection, and landscaping would begin to reduce the city's rising labour costs. City Hall should also review city salaries which have increased 19% in four years, while also scrapping its union-only policy which prevents it from getting the best value for taxpayers.

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Mayor Quimby said...

$75k per year in Toronto is peanuts.
The mortage payments on your average $333k home would around $20k per year.You need to make $50K just to live with some comfort.

Anonymous said...

I say end your screed against taxes and actually contribute some thoughtful analysis to the tax/ service imbalance in this country.

Adam Taylor said...

Umm, we do.

We call for gas taxes to be put into roadway and bridge construction and maintenance. Currently 7% of federal gas tax revenues are re-invested in our crumbling roads.

I could name a 100 others, but please just spend 1 hour on www.taxpayer.com


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