Tuesday, March 07, 2006

CTF takes to the airwaves

That's right folks. The CTF's own Tanis Fiss is the new host of a radio talkshow based in Calgary.

"Aboriginal Forum" is the name of the show and will focus on aboriginal success stories. In other words, aboriginal Canadians who have succeeded in spite of the Indian Act, reserve system and aboriginal policies.

"Aboriginal Forum" is a media partner with the Western Standard Newsmagazine that airs every Tuesday evening on AM1060.

"Aboriginal Forum" is a show that offers listeners an information and entertaining source for news, views and analysis on aboriginal public policy, arts and culture and business.


darcey said...

Cool! I'll be tuning in.

Scott said...

Good luck Tanis.i am sure you will do a fine job as usual

Bob & Ulli said...

We are in rural Quebec so I guess there is no way we can tune in. Will there be any transcripts or internet discussion? It's a great idea and it's about time and it's the opposite of the CBC.

David MacLean said...

Actually, I think you can listen online. I am going to check and I'll post the link in this comment section.

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