Thursday, March 09, 2006

Call for matrimonial property rights on reserves

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is calling on the federal government to improve property rights for women who live on a native reserves.

The Indian Act is the ultimate piece of legislation that governs what occurs on Canada's native reserves. As it stands, the Indian Act is mute on the subject of matrimonial property rights. On many native reserves it is the man who retains title of the family home after a divorce, thus forcing many women to leave the reserve.

Last fall the CTF released a study, "The Road to Prosperity". One of the recommendations of the study was to amend the Indian Act so that applicable provincial/territorial property rights would apply to native reserves.

Although the AMC is merely calling for improved property rights for women, it is nice to see that an aboriginal lobby group is on the same page as the CTF. Now the ball is in the federal government's court.

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David MacLean said...

But where have they been all this time? The fact that it has taken this long is very dissapointing.

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