Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The year was 1933

The Regina Manifesto:

Power has become more and more concentrated into the hands of a small irresponsible minority of financiers and industrialists and to their predatory interests the majority are habitually sacrificed. When private profits is the main stimulus to economic effort, our society oscillates between periods of feverish prosperity in which the main benefits go to speculators and profiteers, and of catastrophic depression, in which the common man's normal state of insecurity and hardship is accentuated. We believe that these evils can be removed only in a planned and socialized economy in which our natural resources and the principal means of production and distribution are owned, controlled and operated by the people.

Just a reminder to make sure you get your annual reading of the Regina Manifesto done for the year. It's like spring cleaning -- just get it over with.


Anonymous said...

That same year, this was happening in the socialist utopia from which the Regina Manifesto drew its inspiration.


Shawn said...

Fruit of the poisoned tree, anyone?

leftdog said...

Yup - 1933, the Free enterprise Capitalist system was really doing a good job in Saskatchewan!! Yessireee boys - the free enterprisers were building the economy of Saskatchewan, creating jobs and wealth! NOT! There was a Conservative government in Ottawa and a Conservative govenment in Saskatchewan. Can't blame the Depression on the left. One of these days you uneducated right wing extremeists should maybe consider taking a history class or a polisci 90 class.

The fact that the Capitalist system TOTALLY FAILED is the reason that those poor prairie souls were driven to the Regina manifesto.

Sasktchewan people were forced to do what the private sector would not do.

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