Thursday, February 02, 2006

Union complains about political aid cleaning up diarrhea mess

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Depending on who you talk to, a political aide who cleaned up a non-political mess deserves either a gold star or a slap on the wrist.

Ottawa Public LibraryMike Patton took on extra duties last Thursday when he mopped up what he called a "poo apocalypse" in a downtown public library.

Thursday afternoon, Patton got a call from a frustrated patron who opened the men's bathroom door in the Ottawa Public Library to discover a toilet seat and surrounding floor covered in feces.

"Clearly someone was not feeling well and had a bit of a diarrhea issue, and it was all over the seat and the floor and the toilet, in the stall area," said Patton, who revisited the scene of the grime with CBC on Tuesday.

The patron first reported the mess to library staff, then to the acting
branch manager. But three hours later, when no action was taken other than to block off the bathroom, he called the office of Coun. Rick Chiarelli, chair of the library board.

"When the call came into the office, I asked him how he wanted us to proceed, and he said, 'Just fix it,' " said Patton, Chiarelli's assistant.

"So, I came over to see if the situation had been remedied and, unfortunately, nobody had had a chance yet to get to it, so I cleaned it up myself."

He found a mop and bucket in the basement and went to work.

The response? Library officials complained the aide took work away from unionized workers and suggested he mind his own business in the future.

Officials say because the cleaners work for the city, they are responsible for a number of buildings. When the problem happened, they were busy at another building

This situation reminds me of the Duck Mountain flower scandal:
Community residents in Duck Mountain Provincial Park mobilized after budget cuts prevented staff from planting and maintaining flowers as they had in previous years at the entrance to Kamsack Beach. Cottage owners rolled up their sleeves, bought hundreds of flowers, and planted them. Members of the group tried to contact park officials to give them a heads-up, but their calls weren’t returned.

How did provincial park staff react to this spontaneous expression of community pride? The very next day they uprooted every single flower. Why, you ask, would they do such a stupid thing? To protect their own jobs.


Anonymous said...

Another Poop Bandit stealing jobs away from union members.

When will these poop bandits give up? Union members have families to feed.

8.5 out of 10 on Sarcasm Meter.

BBS said...

Congratulations to Mike Patton. This situation was an obvious Health and Safety issue that required immediate attention.

Anonymous said...

The story leaves out one important detail that no diarrhea story should be without:

Did the explosive fecal concoction in question contain corn?

- E

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