Thursday, February 09, 2006

Think of the ratings...

Move over Desperate Housewives, Dan Hays and his gang of cronies are looking to bump you off as #1 night-time drama.

Let's just hope they can get satellite feeds for all of those Senators who enjoy wintering in Mexico (as well as summering, springing and falling).

Canadians will literally be able to watch their tax dollars being wasted...oh happy day!



John Murney said...

Scott, are you saying the ridiculous new Minister of Public Works should not be held accountable to taxpayers? Because that is what I am getting from your comments; it was OK to hold the Liberals' feet to the fire, but now that your Conservative allies are in power, they can operate like hypocrits from day one and get away with whatever they want, including having an unaccountable cabinet minister in the Senate.

David MacLean said...

I can let Scott respond to this, but our position on the Senate has always been clear -- elect it or abolish. Televising the senate would do nothing to change the fact that it is an abominable waste of tax dollars. Will help hold Fortier accountable? Perhaps.

The CTF opposes appointing senators, let alone naming them to cabinet.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with letting the 8 interested Canadians (all of whom are probably now employed in opposition research) watch senate proceedings?

Personally, I think anything that draws more attention to the country's unelected, unaccountable senate is a good thing. Out of sight means out of mind. If something is out of mind, it will never be reformed.

If we are going to have a senate (which, for the record, I am opposed to), it should at least be visible.

- E

Scott Hennig said...

No, I'm not saying that the Public Works Minister shouldn't be held accountable - he should be accountable and therefore shouldn't have be a Senator - he should be an elected MP like the rest of the Cabinet.

But do you really think that just because the Senate is going to be on TV, Fortier is all of a sudden accountable?

Televising the Senate if you want, but it's still not going to make an unelected group of cronies accountable. By the sheer definition of being appointed they are in no way accountable.

They're appointed to a lifetime job and cannot be removed unless they fail to show up. They don't have to be awake mind you, but if they show up once a month for a quick "hiya hows she goin'" there is no way they can be fired.

Televising it will only cause a few of them to stay awake when the camera is on them, comb their hair, and yell and scream at each other like they actually have some influence over government in Canada.

My only worry is that they might actually think they should start "doing something" in order to justify their jobs.

Is Fortier accountable to Canadian taxpayers now? No. Will he be accountable if they televise him in the Senate? No. Should've Harper appointed him to the Senate and then to his Cabinet? No.

As David said, elect it or abolish it, but televising it will only make current Senators think they are somehow legitimate, when we all know our Senate in its current form is a joke.

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