Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The tale of two Daves

Saskatchewan political columnist of record points out that only the CTF and the Saskatchewan Liberals have spoken out against the $327 million pulp mill disaster (behind subscriber wall). The fact is that Mandryk has been doing some straight talking on this issue himself, which is in stark contrast to pretty much everyone else in the province.

Welcome straight-talking from the two Daves
Saskatchewan Liberal leader David Karwacki and Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) provincial spokesman David MacLean are about as unlikely a political pairing as you can possibly imagine.

Thing is, this isn't the first time the CTF and the liberals have agreed on issues. The CTF and liberal Jack Hillson were alone in opposing sweetheart government loans to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. More recently, I had the pleasure of hearing David Karwacki advocating a legislated debt-repayment schedule.

The liberals have nothing to lose by publicly espousing fiscal responsibility. It gives them a total different look. By any standards the last provincial election was a failure for the liberals. That campaign could have been helped by some good tax policies and solid messages around debt and deficits. Instead, they chose to spend a lot of time talking about cluster strategies for economic development, which had a voter resonation value of approximately zero.

Maybe this is the beginning of a more taxpayer-friendly version of the Saskatchewan liberals? Here's to hoping.


saskfishtales said...

Could David Karwacki be tearing a page from the B.C. Liberal playbook? Premier Gordon Campbell has been right of Ralph Klein since he took office.

Karwacki would do well to stay on the fiscal-conservative track. Saskatchewan is not being served by the Sask Party in this regard. The SP was silent about the corporate welfare to the Meadow Lake Pulp Mill.

Meanwhile, conservative voters are scratching their heads about where to place thier vote in a pending election expected in 2007. The Libs may become the conservative choice.

David MacLean said...

Wow fish, you writing that will send chills down Saskatchewan Party spines.

Shawn said...

The Sask party needs a sharp wakeup call. I, for one, am not looking for an NDP-lite party to vote for. If the SK Liberals continue to show common sense where the SKParty displays none, the they will be screwed.

John Murney said...

The Saskatchewan Liberals have a long tradition of fiscal conservativism. Premier Ross Thatcher demanded all of his ministers chop their ministerial by 10% the first year they were in government. Until Ralph Goodale flushed the party down the drain in the mid-1970s, the Saskatchewan Liberals were an institutional party and had the centre-right territory all to themselves.

leftdog said...

It is going to be very crowded in the right wing spectrum with the Sask party, Swenson's Progressive Conservatives (all 58 seats contested) and a right leaning entrepreneurial Karwacki also in the game. Sounds good to me!

David MacLean said...

I'm loathe to get into punditry... but I think the prospects of a PC party running in the next election are much over-stated. I think conservatives will give the Saskatchewan Party another chance.

John Murney said...

I agree David. The Saskatchewan Party is positioned to win the next election...whether they will do so is another matter.
As for the PC Party, we probably won't see a rebuilding effort, unless Rick Swenson succeeds on getting his hands on the Regina PC Metro Trust Fund.

archie said...

They all will do whatever looks good to the voters.

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