Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sask judges get 18 per cent pay raises

The facts:

  • Provincial court judges get 18 per cent hike from $165,000 a year to $195,000 a year
  • Just three years ago they got 10 per cent
  • Judge "union" says they deserve a huge raise to keep pace with judges in TO and Van
  • Government says they only want to give inflation
  • Government says they won't dispute the raise
  • Government gives them what they want


Chad Moats said...

An independent body must adjudicate these matters, according to the ruling from the SCC. That would be why they don't agree with the raise but are giving to them, anyways.

David MacLean said...

I don't recall anyone wondering why. Just marvelling at the stupidity of the whole thing.

Chad Moats said...

Is taking on the SCC worth it ?

David MacLean said...

I think judges pay should be legislated to inflation. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

Does the Premier of Saskatchewan even make $195,000/year? What about Cabinet ministers?

Elected politicians should *always* have better pay than public servants. A formula should be devised, IMHO, whereby the Premier and the Chief Justice of Saskatchewan receive identical salaries/benefits, and everyone else in the public service receives less.

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