Thursday, February 16, 2006

The saga continues with Winnipeg's fat cats

Now that we have learned it is at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to decide salaries for senior bureaucrats at Winnipeg's City Hall, one has to wonder why the CAO won't talk to the media?

In today's Winnipeg Sun, Tom Brodbeck asks this very question.


Albertaborn said...

Seems to me I read something in the Winnipeg Free Press last week that shed some light on this issue. The article had some figures, comparing the salaries of top city execs at large cities across Canada. Seemed that Winnipeg exectives were paid slightly below average.

Anonymous said...

What do you recommend then? How much is too much? All this shop does is tear everything down.

How much do you get paid? Post it, I dare you! Maybe the CTF should lower its salaries? You get what you pay for, which explains a lot about the CTF's choices of staff.

David MacLean said...

I get paid just enough to tolerate idiotic comments such as this.

Scott Hennig said...

Good point, I demand the CTF reqisition more money from Canadians to pay me more...wait unlike governments we don't have that power.

AHHH...foiled again. I guess we'll have to act like every other private organization and make decisions based on our bottom line.

Anonymous said...

David, why don't you go back to school and then you can get a real job that pays more? I guess the salary for right wing ranters is less than fat cat bureaucrats. Sounds like sour grapes to me. You are a fat cat in waiting looking from the outside until you get a conservative patronage payoff.

Hey Scott, what is your bottom line? What business model do you follow? You don't sell any products. You simply augment "conservative" party efforts, which means they cannot articulate their platforms enough on their own.

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