Friday, February 24, 2006

Red Pheasant votes again

The folks at Red Pheasant voted last April, however allegations of corrupt practices and vote-buying began flying around shortly after the ballots were cast lead to another vote.

After a Department of Indian and Northern Affairs investgation determined many of the allegations were true, the members of the Red Pheasant Indian Band in Saskatchewan went to the polls again Wednesday. This time the election sees a new Chief and several new councillors.


Anonymous said...

I saw $100 dollar bills being handed out before the last election. Normal practice as I am told. I wonder if the
federal election could have been rigged in the North?
By the way it is Red Pheasant.
It is not pleasant

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they vote overwhelmingly NDP provincially and Liberal federally on reserve: life must be pretty good there to endorse the status quo like that!

Anonymous said...

Life is brutal on the reserve but it is a safe haven from the vagries of taxes and responsibilities of life. Total control by government through the Indian act and welfare!

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