Thursday, February 16, 2006

Private health solidarity

Check out Charest's weird language:

"It won't be the private for the private. It will be a tool for solidarity, a partner and an ally for the public regiment to compliment it and support it and to contribute to its sovereignty and at the same time to preserve its values."


leftdog said...

Wierd language indeed ...but what is it that you want him to say??

David MacLean said...

My friends, no longer can we maintain a government monopoly on health care. As the decades have passed the system has revealed itself to be born of an ideology of the past. No longer shall we restrict Quebeckers from paying money for their own health care. Free markets brought us the greatest, freeest, most prosperous country in the world. Free markets offer the best hope for a health care system Canadians want and deserve.

Anonymous said...

David: I'm sure that was what he really meant to say and something just got lost in the translation from French to English.

Jokes aside, I am also troubled by the inability of our leaders to articulate a vision for meaningful health reform. I honestly do not believe that public health is the "third rail" of Canadian politics. I believe that if our politicians would explain the problem and offer real solutions, Canadians would embrace it. Unfortunately, communicating with the electorate is "too hard."

- E

leftdog said...

What a bunch of dogmatic crap, david! No one is more ideologically driven than the right wing in Canada. Fourty million Americans have NO health care! The number one cause of personal bankrupcy in the USA is inability to to pay medical bills - you want that here? We had it once. Put your ideology on the shelf and listen to the MAJORIY of Canadians!

David MacLean said...

Leftdog -- let's hear what you would have said?

BTW -- nobody is calling for the American system. Get with the program.

leftdog said...

So... I'm driving down the highway in BC. 1) A natural resources officer and an RCMP stop me and press me into service fighting a fire. I have NO choice if they deem I am fit. 2) A city police officer is trying to apprehend someone who is resisting, I see it and the officer orders me to assist him. I have NO choice if he deems I am fit to assist. 3) Canada ends up at war with someone (like in WW2) I am called up for Selective Service. I have NO choice if they deem I am fit.
So to reverse the line of President John F Kennedy, we know about what I can do for my country when I am called upon ... BUT WHAT DOES MY COUNTRY DO FOR ME - WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS ARRANGEMENT.

Well, the way I see it, I have a contract with the Nation of Canada. I do my duty, and they make sure that I do not die on the steps of a hospital because I can not afford to get in. It is called a contract. Canada ensures that I get access to physcians care and hospitaliation. The Private sector can have pure mandate on Optometric, Chiropractic, Phamaceutical, Naturopathic, Cosmetic. The rich should not be able to get out of a military draft. They should also do be able to bud it to the front of the health care line.

right to work said...

Lefty: 40% of US health spending is in state facilities, no insurance neccessary. no waiting in line!!!

Where are the people dying in the streets from lack of health care?

Here they die waiting for the free system that is so ineficient. We have the highest paid cleaning staff in Sask working in the Hospitals, yet they are dirty.{staff infections} we'd be better off hiring a few Hutterites to clean but that would piss you union guys off because we'd only have half the staff.
Did you see how efficient the Shouldice Clinic is. Less than $18.00 in disposable wastes on a surgery. Jack went there and had to lie about it.
Same as his lie about subsidised housing. He reminds me of a used car salesman with acting lessons! check out

archie said...

President Harper is embtracing the Quebec plan for health care. Why doesn't he embrace the Quebec plan for child care. Like Quebec embraces the rest of Canada. They've always been there for the rest of us. It has more to do with power and entitlement than an embrace. A right wing kook who aligns himself with seperatists!!??
I hope the people who voted for Harper are pleased with their choice.

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