Friday, February 24, 2006

Manitoba CTF: Privatize government insurance

Winnipeg Sun:

The CTF also wants to see the auditor general's office -- which has a mandate to ensure taxpayers' dollars are spent appropriately -- to receive an additional $500,000.

"We recognize it's a bit of an aberration to call on the government to actually spend money, but this is one area we believe more resources are needed," said Batra. Auditor general Jon Singleton welcomed the support.

"We have a pretty big backlog of allegations of inappropriate practices and many of them we'll never get to," said Singleton, noting a $500,000 increase would allow him to hire three new staff.


leftdog said...

Privatize Manitoba government insurance??? Why; so that we can pay the highest rates in Canada like they do with 'private' only insurance in Alberta and Ontario - no 'tax dollars' go into public insurance, it funds itself like a private company would. Why do you want the average citizen to have to pay more money than they currently are?? (oh wait, I forgot - IDEOLOGY!!). By the way,do your research, The least expensive auto insurance in Canada is Saskatchewan - public insurance!

David MacLean said...

The least expensive for people under the age of 30 and people with dirty abstract.

Shawn said...

Good point David. Alberta penalizes those in high-risk groups and those with bad driving records. SK penalizes everyone else to help keep premiums artificially low for the crappy drivers. Same type of policy that contributes to the "...40 million people in the US without health insurance...". Why pay the rates for a 50 year-old at age 25?

Right to work said...

Public buildings are not forced to buy Gov't insurance at inflated prices to seemingly offer lower car insuance to high risk operators in Alberta and Ontario.These inflated rates are another way to scam taxes from Schools, libraries and other public buildings.
Remember the only crown corporations rhat can show a profit are monopolies.
If Safeway was the only grocery store, would lefty be Happy?
Does not competition make companies more dilligent and price competitive

kelkuf said...

I have a big complaint in regards to the "Public Insurance" scheme in Manitoba. Firstly, we do not have lower rates, that is media hype and nothing else. In Alberta private insurance has discounts for multiple vehicles, multiple policies (IE. homeowners + Life + Vehicle), and good driver discounts. When it comes to demerits, insurance goes up, in Manitoba the drivers license is up, which is all part of MPI anyway. Then if you are injured, you do not recieve a fair settlement whatsoever, it is based on a compensation scheme like workers comp. Within a few years you are left with no income and face either welfare or hopefully a job which requires retraining. After the retraining, whether you are making 20% of pre accident wage, they deduct the maximum amount and leve you with a couple hundred a month. Up until a couple years ago, MPI refused to even notify people about the maximum wage they cover (approx $56,000 per year). Also no one can get a lawyer to fight MPI, not at all. I am not the only person that this has happened to. I went from $75,000 per year and now collect welfare because of the scheme. Right now people that were in my trade are making over $125,000 per year, and because of the MPI restrictions and limits, I cannot get a lawyer to handle the case. I would gladly go to a private insurance system and believe it would be much better for the people of Manitoba. The name for MPI should be changed to Manitoba Compensation Board fo Vehicles as it si and we would see how many people would continue to see them as being cheaper. We only pay 30 - 40 dollars a week for WCB, for the same coverage.

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