Thursday, February 02, 2006

King Ralph's Big OOPS!

An Ontario man received his Ralph Bucks cheque recently, despite never having lived in Alberta.

I wonder how many pet rocks, corpses, and non-Alberta residents also got a cheque in the mail??

This goes to show that these rebates schemes, while politically popular (who's gonna turn down money?) are more often than not riddled with problems.


Anonymous said...

I got a cheque in Manitoba as well when I shouldn't have.. haven't filed taxes in Alberta in 2 years.

- Bob (Winnipeg)

David MacLean said...

Not only has he never lived in Alberta -- he has never even VISITED Alberta.

Anonymous said...

so I've been trying to find out what's going on with this. Did they ever find out how much money went to the wrong people? Did they ever do anything to correct this? What's going on?

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