Friday, February 03, 2006

Karwacki: From Cypher to Hero

Liberal leader with no seats and little support tells it like it is on the boondoggle pulp mill.

He said the NDP government is worried about holding on to the seat in the region, so it doesn't want to make any tough decisions.

The Opposition Sask. Party, which nearly won the last two provincial elections, covets the Meadow Lake seat and is not making any hard choices either, Karwacki said.

"They're not prepared to touch this issue. Nobody seems to want to talk about it," he said. "This head-in-the-sand approach just doesn't work when you have a serious problem."

The NDP should have come up with a plan to "stop the bleeding" at the mill years ago, he said.


Chris said...

You know, I thought I was comfortable in believing the Sask Party best reflects the fiscal conservative mindset in this province, then Karwacki - despite the party he leads - starts making sense. Meanwhile, the Sask Party is mum. It's too bad political ambition takes precedence over principle with the currently sitting "conservative" option.

archie said...

It's a big employer in the area. Can't someone be found to make it viable? Lots of houses being built??? Lots of countries depend on imported lumber esp the USA. There are not a lot of forests left down south. We here in Sask have a lot of trees. What the hell happened to this and Weyerhauser??
There is no evidence of too much government in the PA pulp mill. I hope they find a buyer who will pay a fair price to the province for our lumber.

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