Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Judge Gomery's Bad Judgment

Check out Warren Kinsella's blog . It seems that the official spokesperson for the Gomery Inquiry has written an insider's tale.

Judge Gomery himself has reportedly written the preface!

The fact that an official public inquiry could spawn a behind-the-scenes tell-all book calls into question the integrity of Justice Gomery and his entire findings.

Is the entire report a farce? While it may have "exonerated" Paul Martin, (HA!) it seems it has convicted Justice Gomery and his entire staff of extremely poor judgment.

Since taxpayers have footed the Inquiry's entire bill, it seems ridiculous that any insider will now profit from its existence.

Can we assume all proceeds will be returned to taxpayers? Anything less and Jean Chretien and his lawyers will have a field day with this one.

You thought he burned Gomery with his golf ball stunt, 'bbbbaby, you ain't seen nothin' yet!



Jack's Newswatch said...

Actually, I disagree with both you and Warren (whom I hold in high regard) on this one. The fact that Gomery trusted someone to stay out of things until after he made his report and was betrayed for a few bucks in no way invalidates the report itself.

Mulroney just went through that experience with Peter C. Newman.


Liberal hysterics at this point in time are not helpful.

Anonymous said...

Betrayed for a few bucks? Gomery apparently wrote the preface!

Jack's Newswatch said...

When he had a few spare minutes. He was doing his "friend" a favor.

Bite me!

MAW said...

Remember now, Warren was part of the PMO's office at the time, so he knew Gomery was a lame-duck inquisitor right from the get go, said so more than once.

I think most Canadians realize when you hire a friend to investigate something real, or imagined, he never comes over to your house to sniff around, get it?

Earnscliffe advisors have raked in millions, and are still trying to keep anybody alive willing to take over their election machine.

Getting anywhere near these guys will give you toxic shock syndrome. Or your skin will peel off from radiation sickness.

Typhoid Mary would get more respect than these 'dead men' walking. Earnscliffe Strategy Group will be bankrupt within the year, bet on it.

Like Kryptonite to Superman. A death star commeth in Bill Graham, don't you know.

Funny how Paul has lost his nerve, cowardly fobing off his duties as the leader of the official opposition on Graham.

How cowardly is that? Near totally.

The very same advisors who ran the good ship Paul Martin onto the rocks of electoral defeat are looking for another Patsy?

No wonder the contestants are dropping like flies?

Anonymous said...

God you guys are weiners.

Anonymous said...

So if I get a public school education and then earn a living in the private sector, I have ripped off the public.
Get lives.

Adam Taylor said...

To the last two anonymous comments:

Anon. 1: Not much to offer the debate eh? Your comments should be spiked for that profound input.

Anon 2: Your statement is comparing bananas to papayas.

The issue here is that this Inquiry was taxpayer-funded right down to the caterers and janitors. The official spokesperson made a reported $250,000+ for his one year of work. Not bad. But to use his insider's status to then write a book, coupled with Justice Gomery himself writing the preface is poor judgment.

The only books written by this Inquiry should have been the Inquiry's reports. To now profit from this is just plain wrong.

TonyGuitar said...

We Canadians are a bunch of saps when it comes to protecting our interests from the Libranos.

Watching an interview with an in-coming CPC MP on CPAC, it was obvious that there were dozens of cardboard file boxes stacked by various doors' ready to go.

They were doing a walk about during the interview. There was some kidding about the boxes, the jist of which was, *yes these are the out-going MP*s stuff.*

Where are the RCMP? Considering the Liberal record of 200 plus scams, why are these boxes not being checked? How does an MP get to take home six cartons of stuff, much less a dozen?

I recall a news story about Guite or somebody
in the Martinite gang found to have many boxes of files in the basement at home.

If I had any police authority in Ottawa, there would be search warrants for government file boxes issued for every Liberal MP*s home in the country. Just to clear all the innocent MPs and make everyone feel better.

Liberal motto: *Just like taking candy from a baby... eh*.

The clean Liberals could regroup under the purity label with a new slogan. *Nothing found in our basements!* TG

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