Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Time to De-Register the Gun Registry

Is the Gun Registry on its Last Legs?

Three points to make:

1. Duck hunters aren't criminals.

2. Criminals don't register their guns.

3. The gun-database hasn't done one shred of good in combatting gun crime.


Shawn said...

Take it out behind the barn and put it out of its (our) misery. A slovenly, wasteful program that decent folk never would have proposed in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Legal guns still kill/harm people in the following ways:

-stolen guns from people who legally have them
-top means to commit suicide-even locked guns do not stop suicides
-children and accidents

Shawn said...

Re: children and accidents. Trigger locks. Also, how many children are killed in this manner annually? I do not know and would appreciate any referenced material you can point me towards.

Top means to commit suicide: here I call shenanigans.
According to Statistics Canada (2004), “Deaths, by Cause, Canada, 2001,” cat. no.84-208-XIE. Methods were hanging 1509, poison 968, firearm 651. It is terrible that so many people choose to kill themselves, but shooting is not the top means of doing so. Do we need a rope twine registry?

stolen guns: maybe we should pass a law against stealing guns then? You mean we did and people still do it?
I am intensely interested to see what the statistics are for the percentage of violent crime committed with stolen weapons is. If you have any actual stats, (preferably with a reference, given your previously displayed proclivity for fiction) please post.

People die in a multitude of ways every day. Of these, firearms related deaths are such a small fraction that one has to wonder how they demand so much attention.

David MacLean said...

Shawn lays it down. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Just to throw something out about the suicide comment. Everyone has a right to kill themselves. If they want to die, they'll die. Gun to the head, knife to the wrist. They're going to do it.

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