Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gomery's 2nd Report

Read it here.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Gomery would even suggest that removing ministerial accountability and deferring that accountability to an unelected, appointed civil service, is the way to prevent future disasters and misconduct such as we experienced with the Sponsorship Scandal.

If anything, the opposite needs to happen. Individual ministers should be the ultimate operators -- the "CEO's" of the departments they oversee, and answerable to Parliament as its policy-making body.

It was civil servants who perpretrated a lot of the fraud within Public Works in the first place -- implementing this new Gomery report just gives more power to civil servants, at the expense of giving the power to the people who really should have it -- the politicians. At least politicians can be questioned on the floor of the House of Commons -- deputy Ministers are pretty much invisible, unelected, and unnaccountable.

David MacLean said...

There are some serious concerns with these recommendations, to be sure. Not exactly what we had hoped. All eyes are on the PM to see what he will do now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nice, light read...

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