Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gag: Saskatchewan Style

With all that has gone wrong the the Meadow Lake Pulp Mill, the Official Opposition chooses to criticize a crown corporation for wanting to get paid. Sure, there is room to discuss whether SaskPower's rates are competitive but clearly the Saskatchewan Party has missed the point. This mill has lost more than $800 million since 1990. A $7.5 million power bill did not suddenly put the mill over the edge.

SASKATOON-Saskatchewan Party SaskPower critic Donna Harpauer is questioning the actions of the NDP government after a crown corporation almost forced a government business into bankruptcy, while another government entity was then forced to bail them out.

In November, SaskPower threatened to cut off the Meadow Lake Pulp Mill's electricity if it did not pay an outstanding bill. That forced Investment Saskatchewan to come up with a $15 million loan, as the mill entered into bankruptcy protection. Some of the $15 million was used to pay SaskPower. The provincial government owns half the mill and has already lost $800 million on the venture.

"The actions of this NDP government don't make any sense. There's something seriously wrong when SaskPower is the sole creditor making ultimatums and Investment Saskatchewan then being forced to come up with a loan to satisfy those ultimatums," Harpauer said. "What this amounts to is government threatening government, all the while workers, the community and taxpayers are left hanging in the balance."


Anonymous said...

God you guys are weiners.

By which I mean whiners.

Yeah, accuse me of not being "constructive"! The Taxpayers Federation accusing somebody of not being "constructive" -- love it. How much are they paying you to WHINE? How much of MY HARD-EARNED MONEY??

David MacLean said...

Well, unless you support the CTF not a single penny of your "HARD EARNED MONEY" goes to our salaries.

ok4ua said...

It's Ok to give the farmer brats I know 500,000,000.00 dollars but don't give a pulp mill 7 million!!!????? Come on CTF justify that. I know there are 60,000 hard up farmers in Sask........they have a lifestyle to maintain. The son needs a new house the daughter needs a new car. Poor poor pitiful me.

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