Tuesday, February 28, 2006

David Maclean Live on CJME!

The SK division of the CTF will be delivering pre-budget recommendations to the SK government.

Mr. MacLean will be live on John Gormley discussing these recommendations at 10:30 AM-SK time.

Listen live by going to www.cjme.com


Aunt Melba (from Wolsley) said...

Your position on STC is so ideologically driven - you live in some world all of your own. AND what do you have against the town of Wolsley? Who is going to buy a van to take me to Kindersley? STC operates in rural Saskatchewan as a service! Public transit is intended to do what the private sector won't because of profit margins! Shame on you - wippersnapper!!!

David MacLean said...

I was waiting for that. That story in the SP and LP was...well...different. I was kidding around with the students. When you read it in the paper, it doesn't come off well at all.

And no, it's not ideologically driven -- it's financially driven. STC is a disaster.

To all the Aunt Melbas in Wolsely, I apologize!

Anonymous said...

1922 called.

They own the rights to "wippersnapper."

And they want it back.

Oliver said...

STC has been a God send since my eyesight is such, I don't see well enough to drive. I take the STC to Moose Jaw every weekend to stay with my grandson and his family. The precious time with my great grand children is running out and now STC has raised its rates. The reason less government subsidy, why ? How cares? People like the CTF. Now I have either turn my thermostat down to 60 or eat a little less, that or spend less time with my great grand kids. I'm 92 , David. What do you think I should do ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver, very impressive, what with being 92, having poor eyesight, being extremely poor, yet able to post a comment on this blog!

Wait a minute, methinks that you're not who you claim to be at all! You're an NDP troll from Calbert's bloated communication (propoganda) department!

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't Calvert from Moose Jaw? maybe Oliver IS Calvert?

Oliver said...

My neighbour types this for me. I would still be interested in reading what the ctf thinks, I should do ?
I am dying from cancer of the stomach and no tax cut is going to save me. Tax cuts do not save lives and tax cuts do not cure cancer.

Anonymous said...

Oliver is right.

Tax Cuts don't save lives nor cure cancer.

Only rampant spending and big government can cure cancer.

Saskatchewan has eradicated the plague of cancer and disease through big gov't.

Doesn't' the CTF know that?

Congrats Oliver. You are the only 92 yr.old dying of cancer who feels so strongly about high taxes,rampant spending, and big gov't that you troll blogs and get your neighbour to type for you.

I bet you were a real wippersnapper back in the roaring 20s.

God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he Calvertistas cut taxes we could expand the economy and afford some more oncologists and specialized cancer drugs. Maybe if we gave Dr's more freedom, instead of giving the power to NDP patronage appoitnments/fat cats in offices, more Drs would want to practise medicine here.
My father-in-law has stomach cancer: I would not wish it on anyone, and I am happy that Oliver, whoever he is, proabably does not suffer from this ailment.

leftdog said...

Why is it that all of you rightwing extremists are too chickenpoopy to give a handle, a URL or an email address? See the rightwing is only capable of sniping! They are too afraid to come out of the dark and put their money where their mouths are. Lame. Very lame. Oh so very lame.

Chad Moats said...

I would assume that either Anon is David or this is too hot for David to handle, now.
Did you really say tax cuts cure cancer ? Are you serious ?

Anonymous said...

Chad, you can;t read: study harder! And Leftdog, the only one sniping is you: that's your response to some real ideas!

leftdog said...

'real ideas' huh - your ideas are from the dawn of human history (which you probably think was 6000 years ago). Survival of the fittest works well in the animal kingdom BUT NOT IN AN ECONOMY!!!! We live in families and our families live in communities. Your ideology is all about who can you step on to advance yourself! Shame!@!

Anonymous said...

Leftdog, shame on you for:

1) being rude; and

2) being naive.

Go hug yourself.

Chad Moats said...

So you are David MacLean, Anon .

Shawn said...

Undoubtedly, the answer must be socialism. All those dead people can't be wrong!

Central planning and heavy taxation are proven economy killers and from that poisonous tree spring tainted fruit (mandatory unionization, collective bargaining, seniority advancement,etc.). The basic economic tenets of this approach are time-tested failures.

Those of you advocating them should talk to some Cubans or N Koreans and see if they would trade the "security" offered by their current rulers for the chaos of the free market.

Anonymous said...

I am Anon.

My name is Willard Teevens.

I am only Anon, cuz I find it easier and faster. Most of the time I put my name at the bottom and I will from now on.

I am from Woodstock, Ontario.

I am a free-enterprise type-guy I admit. I also have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humour.

Mr. Moats: You putting words in people's mouth don't make them true.

But whatever, you are the type to spin for your party I guess eh.

I like and support the CTF cuz they criticize based on principles and never waiver.

Keep up the great work guys - even if some people criticize you.


Right to work said...

Left pup Did you say "economy"
What the Hell do you socialists know about economy. You should spell it eco no money. Wefare state that says the population that sits on there duff deserve more than those that work!!

Anonymous said...

I am also anon.

I am anon and I laugh at Chad and Leftdog, I mock them because they are smugly self-righteous yet thoroughly corrupt, and are too simple to realize it.

Look at me, I'm Chad! I'm going through changes and bettering myself and I'm better than no-one! hahahaha!

Go hug yourselves! Go hug some families and some family's families! hahahaha!

Dr. Nick said...

Looks like someone forgot to take their meds.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Doc, Chad understands!


Saskboy said...

"-- it's financially driven. STC is a disaster."

So is health care, it costs a lot of money too, but it also helps people. So if something costs a lot of money, then it's not worth doing, right?

STC is wonderful in many ways, and has many great employees that bend over backwards for their diverse ridership. I've travelled to eastern Canada and their bus system is a lot less impressive than our's in my opinion. You can't even get from Montreal to Halifax by bus without changing carriers three times, which means three different websites or phone calls to plan your own trip. How do you envision someone getting from Climax to Pelly by bus if there wasn't STC? A coordinated bus system just works better for travellers even if it isn't always efficient in some respects.

Anonymous said...

That is why health care needs reform.

Its costs have rendered it undeliverable and unaccessable.

This helps no one.

Anything where costs impede ability to deliver needs change - PERIOD.

Otherwise, it is ideological-stubborness which helps no one.

CTF is an org. that definitely takes certain ideas and never waivers from them, but always with a mind to solving problems.

Find one example where this isn't the case....


aunt melba said...

Willard - the CTF is the phoniest 'association' I have ever heard of. It is now well documented that you cannot 'join' the CTF - they lie when they tell you that. They will take your cash but you can NEVER achieve membership in the CTF, nor attend an annual meeting, nor see financial disclosure statements, nor find out what the amount of commission their salespeope earn. They are phony. To prove my point, email one of their provincial directors and tell them you want to 'join' the CTF - see what you get as a response.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Melba:

You are mistaken. I am a member/supporter of the CTF. In exchange for my financial support I receive their magazine, Tax Actions, constant updates of new initiatives and activities, and have direct access to their communications staff.

As I am from Ontario I have emailed their staff there and received many replies. If you would like I can share this correspondence with you.

Those who criticize the structure don't obviously support them and that is their choice. Because I believe in what they advocate, I don't mind giving them money.

Your attempts as discrediting the fine work they due borderlines on libel. Supporters in fact are allowed to review an audited financial statement each year if they choose, so you saying that they are not is pure nonsense and probably libellous. I guess it's easy to say unsunstantiated things from under your fake identity.

In conclusion: Supporters do see annual audited financial statements. Those who don't believe in the structure, don't have to support. Those that do, happily help the CTF in their quest for lower taxes, less waste, and greater accountability in government.

-Willard Teevens
Woodstock, ON
Proud CTF Supporter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Melba, just shut up and pay your taxes!

What, you don't have to? oh: your a dependant. Well, of course, that's increasingly all that we ahve in this province! I guess that you dont need the CTF at all then, do you. What's that? You feel threatened by it? OK, then carry on your trolling! I will keep tioling away and paying for your right to troll!

Oliver said...

Answer,please, David.

David MacLean said...

Oliver, since you are blind and you can't read this I feel a little strange responding. You want me to tell you what to do now that STC fairs went up by $1?

Chad Moats said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David MacLean said...

Chad Moats/Oliver: This is an old thread so nobody is going to notice this. But it's pretty ridiculous to troll blogs under a false identity (and I don't mean fake name -- I mean a fake IDENTITY) -- especially when you are pretending to be a 92 year old person with poor eyesight and a penchant for taking STC buses every day of the week. This stuff, and your blog, say a lot about you.

This is pretty low:

"STC has been a God send since my eyesight is such, I don't see well enough to drive. I take the STC to Moose Jaw every weekend to stay with my grandson and his family. The precious time with my great grand children is running out and now STC has raised its rates. The reason less government subsidy, why ? How cares? People like the CTF. Now I have either turn my thermostat down to 60 or eat a little less, that or spend less time with my great grand kids. I'm 92 , David. What do you think I should do ?"

There is nothing wrong with using a fake name in order to speak freely, but trying (quite weakly) to pull this kind of stunt is another thing altogether.

It's a good thing you killed your own comment. At least you saved yourself from TOTAL humiliation.

Go home Chad.

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