Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bill close once again

Taxpayers should be happy to hear Nova Scotia PC Leadership candidate talk about privatizing liquor in Nova Scotia.

But just like last time it sounds like he might be backing away from taking real action, stating that: "the issue of privatization of liquor sales is not a priority and he wouldn’t advance any proposals unless cabinet and caucus believed they were beneficial."

A look at Alberta's example shows that it has been very beneficial for taxpayers and for the government.

Pre-privatization government liquor revenue: $402 million
2005-06 estimated government liquor revenue: $564 million

250% increase in available products
269% increase in store locations

It's what we call here in Alberta a "win-win" for every one.

At the very least kudos to Mr. Black for raising the suggestion that the government doesn't always know best.


Anonymous said...

But what about the decay of the moral fabric, not to mention the 5637% increase in foul drunks, that certainly comes with privatization of liquor stores?

- E

Scott Hennig said...

Decay of moral fabric??? Because now I don't have to drive 30 minutes to get to my local liquor store. Yes I sure am decayed alright. And now I can buy beer made in other countries rather than just OV, lots of decay there.

You had better not drive from BC to Saskatchewan, the winch on your pick-up truck won't be able to pull you out of the massive moral decay void created here by privatizing liquor stores.

Actually it's kind of like the Grand Canyon, tourists come from all around to take pictures of their loved ones standing infront of our total moral decay.

Anonymous said...

It is kind of nice to be able to buy a case of beer after 4:30 pm on a Wednesday night...

And good point re: the Grand Canyon of Moral Decay as a tourist attraction- maybe Alberta's Minister of Economic Development can stop selling the virtues of Brokeback Mountain for 5 minutes to plug this potential tourist boon instead.

- E

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