Tuesday, February 14, 2006

$42.8 million of your tax dollars down the drain...

Elections Canada has made the first of two payments to candidates in the last election to reimburse their campaign expenses.

That's right, your tax dollars are being used to reimburse candidates for the cost to purchase campaign office space, attack ads, those signs that litter our streets, and those annoying doorknockers that fall off when the wind blows.

All candidates who received 10% of the vote in their riding and file their expenses will be reimbursed 60% of their expenses.

The first payment of $10.7 million is only a quarter of what it will likely end up costing Canadians for these re-imbursements.

In addition to the fact that most Canadians wouldn't approve of having their tax dollars used to help candidates smear each other during election campaigns, it creates a potential for fraud.

For example, if you are a candidate and you pay your "friend" a $20,000 salary to "work on your campaign", providing you get 10% of the vote, taxpayers will send you a nice fat cheque for $12,000 to reimburse you that campaign expense.

Not that anyone would consider doing that...

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