Friday, January 20, 2006

Shocking government poll results released

The Saskatchewan government spent $75,000 dollars on polling in the third quarter of 2005-06 and obtained some important factoids.

First off, they found out that 75 per cent of respondents enjoyed the province's centennial celebrations (I did too!).

79 per cent of respondents said they have a computer.

One third of respondents said they watch state-run television programs (81 per cent of those that actually watch thought it was good).

Assuming the third quarter was an average one for government polling, isn't $300,000 each year a little steep for information of dubious value?

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Patricia Goodwill said...

What a waste of money, but typical Gov't spending. Should any of us be surprised. A province which is slowly going down the tubes....and has lost focus.
It is too bad, it is so beautiful in Saskatchewan....and such a low population to enjoy it.

This money should have been spent on the Native children of Sask. to provide a better standard of living for them....

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