Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NHLer suing MP

As a hockey fan I'm annoyed that Denis Coderre accused the good-as-gold Shane Doan of making ethnic slurs in a hockey game. As a taxpayer I'm furious they we'll have to pay for Coderre's legal defense.

Doan also demanded that Coderre make a public retraction in the motion filed in Quebec superior court.

Coderre had asked Hockey Canada in a letter on Dec. 22 to expel Doan from Canada's Olympic hockey team unless he apologized for reportedly uttering an ethnic slur to referee Stephane Auger at the end of a Dec. 13 game between the Coyotes and the Montreal Canadiens. Copies of the letter were released to the media.

Doan denied making the remark and an investigation by the NHL found no evidence that he used an ethnic slur.

The motion said Doan was seeking reparations for damages to his reputation over "false and defamatory" remarks made by Coderre, both in his letter to Hockey Canada and to the media.

The player asked for $200,000 in moral damages and $50,000 in punitive damages. The motion said Doan, who is earning $3 million US this season, would donate any money he is awarded to charity.

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Snookie said...

Yep! As they (mp's) have their legal costs covered by us... they can say wot they want without having to worry about it. Err... isn't there something that says costs are covered when the person is "serving" the government at the time? Attending a game hardly qualifies as "working" or "serving" the goverment. Ohhh.. Denis must have been serving "beer and popcorn" at the game. Never mind then.

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