Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Alberta musters the courage to take the next step.

EDMONTON (CP) - Alberta appears to be heading for a showdown over health care with Stephen Harper's new government as the province prepares to allow queue jumping by patients willing to pay cash for treatments.

The prime minister-designate said recently through one of his officials that Alberta's "changes should be made within the Canada Health Act." Two provisions of the act specifically discourage direct payments by patients, either through user charges or extra-billing, for services covered under provincial health-care insurance plans.

On Tuesday the Alberta cabinet was presented with a nine-point health reform plan that would allow doctors to practise in both private and public systems - charging some patients directly and billing medicare for others.

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Anonymous said...

Don't hold you breath on that "next step." Albertans who care about the continuing... er... health of our health care system have been jilted in the past.

I will believe it when I see it. And I am still not convinced that the reforms proposed actually amount to anything more than controversial wondow dressing....

- E

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