Thursday, January 19, 2006

CTF on air: "Relocation services"

I'll be guesting on CKOM radio discussing yet another story broken by bloggers.

Listen live at between 1:15 and 1:30, sask time.


ferrethouse said...

How did it go?

David MacLean said...

It went well. You got some serious plugs and credit for breaking an important story. The interviewer, David Kirton, was asking why this hadn't become a major news story in the MSM. I had no answer, to be honest, except to speculate that media and the public are getting burned out on scandal. The simple answer is "I don't know."

Snookie said...

Many of us have been trying to generate some interest over this. I sent to Adler, and a couple of shows on CKNW, even sent it to Chuck Strahl. I've posted comments with the CL link, emailed the vid and link to friends... *walks to wall..thump.. thump...thump...* Perhaps somebody is sitting on it until last minute for a final push....hopefully. Great work ferrethouse, david. The SDA minions have been hard at it so somethings gotta shake loose. *sigh*

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