Friday, November 11, 2005

Vote buying in Manitoba

National Post:

In the affidavits, Glenn Hudson, who has been defeated by Chief Stevenson three times, the last time by just 29 votes, appeals on the basis of allegations that Chief Stevenson indulged in "corrupt practices" and tampered with mail-in ballot boxes. One former band councillor said in the affidavits he estimated Chief Stevenson "gave between $75,000 and $100,000, in exchange for votes."

Mr. Hudson's claims are supported by a petition of 270 members of the Peguis band, who have formed a group called Peguis First Nation for Democracy. Eleven band members have signed affidavits detailing what they claim are widespread irregularities.


Scott said...

Happens all the time. I have personally seen it with the Red Pheasant band at Morth Battleford. The chief was handing out 100 dollar bills for supporting him.

Stories in the Star Kleenex said he paid people in Saskatoon 2 to 3 hundred dollars for their mail in ballots. He then could vote for himself. One Saskatoon lady said the money cane in handy cause she needed groceries.
Too bad the one lady in the pequis story hadn't gone to res schoo. She would be able to read then.

Anonymous said...

Some Natives want Native post-secondary schools. From this story I can see why. More funding to dip into!

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