Monday, November 14, 2005

This is NOT a news story

Full text of a resolution adopted by the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada (hat tip: SDA):

Whereas the Chaoulli decision has demonstrated that, in practice, the current health care system enables the wealthy to obtain health care without the normal waiting times;

Whereas waiting times in the public health care system lead to physical and psychological illnesses; Whereas in certain cases waiting times can leadto death;

Whereas the illnesses caused by these waiting times are a violation of the fundamental principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

Whereas prohibiting private health insurance has not proven to be an infallible means of protecting the public health care system or as a provision ensuring respect for, and implementation of, our values enshrined in the Charter;

Be it resolved that the Liberal Party of Canada shall request Parliament to consider other methods of safeguarding and protecting the public health care system other than by prohibiting private health insurance;

Be it further resolved that we shall support all efforts to reduce waiting times by means that go beyond simply prohibiting private health insurance plans;

Be it further resolved that we recommend considering practices that make room for private initiatives whose terms and conditions will be supervised by the government.


Chad Moats said...

The most pragmatic approach to this situation, and should meet the demands of all on the political spectrum, is to have one single public insurer and to allow for full competition in providing the services. Thus allowing for reduced wait times with increased services, yet not penalizing those that do not or can not get private insurance.

David MacLean said...

That's a possibility Chad. Another way to go at it is to require health insurance by law (like car insurance) and then provide health insurance for those who cannot provide it for themselves. That's how it is done in Switzerland.

Chad Moats said...

The only issue with that is unlike a car everyone needs health insurance,not everyone has a car.
Also, as you can see I'm not the crazy socialist some your posters like to make me.
Clarification: On the issue of property taxes and greater flexiblity. I would hope that the greater flexibility would reduce the property tax load significantly. Do you know what a 1% sales tax would raise in revenue in Regina ? Hint, it would take a chunk out of the $112M property taxes earn the city.

David MacLean said...

At the CTF we're all ears when it comes to tax reforms. But shifting to consumption taxes as you are suggesting usually gets the "political left" up in arms about disproportionately impacting the poor.

What they don't understand is property taxes are a flat tax (in the truest sense of the term) and are very tough on the poor -- moreso than a consumption tax, I would argue.

Shawn said...

How about medical savings accounts? Many countries use these with high levels of popular support. The main appeal for me is it puts people in charge of their care, not governments or insurers.

Tommy Douglas said...

Anything to inject accountability into the system. Savings accounts would work.

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