Thursday, November 17, 2005

Spending spree behind closed doors

The Sun:

But opposition critics and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation were quick to slam the Tory government for hatching a behind-closed-doors spending spree.

"I think that is a very, very scary thing," said NDP Leader Brian Mason. "I think there will be hell to pay down the road."

He said it's critical that elected representatives have a chance to scrutinize government spending in the Legislature, citing a decision to build two hospitals, rather than one, in the health minister's riding a possible example of an irresponsible expenditure.


Anonymous said...

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ok4ua said...

Are you the little red headed geek I see on TV...........Do you have a real job...........and what the hell does a young kid like you know about taxes and government? You look like you just graduated high school.......I'm sorry wisdom comes with age sometimes. As I said where was your so called watchdogs when the tories ruined Sask?

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