Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sask: The taxpayer's throne speech

Welcome to the second session of the 25th Legislature of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Welcome to the first session of Saskatchewan’s second century.

Throughout 2005 Saskatchewan residents have enjoyed looking back over our rich 100 year history. Our centennial year provides an opportunity for us to remember our great successes and re-energize to meet future challenges.

In this session my government will enact legislation requiring this and future governments to eliminate the provincial debt within 25 years. In addition, no government will ever spend more than it earns in any given year. Never again will my government finance the public services of today on the backs of tomorrow’s taxpayers.

Our province’s second century must provide opportunities for our youth. That means that government must do its part to create an environment where businesses can flourish, create wealth and long-term, meaningful employment.

My government is launching a four year plan to improve the province’s business environment. Effective immediately the province’s corporate capital tax – which imposes taxation on companies regardless of whether they were profitable or not – is abolished.


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John Murney said...

Great speech, David!

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