Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sask: Province rolls out natural gas subsidies

Listening live to CJME where the province is announcing their natural gas subsidy program.

It sounds like province is going to subidize gas bills to the tune of $250 for the winter, but the program will be primarily geared toward low-income families. The government is saying energy bills will not increase faster than 10 per cent between November and March.

CJME's Murray Wood is noting that the province's plan is quite similar to the Saskatchewan Party plan, albeit lest expensive for taxpayers.

Total projected cost: $130 million

Why not eh? Got it, spend it. It doesn't matter that higher energy bills are here to stay.


Anonymous said...

the people of Saskatchewan OWN the natural gas. We are fortunate enough to have not listened to the Saskatchewan Party and we OWN a crown corporation. What are you talking about 'spending it' - its ours!! Your right wing extremists are out to lunch . Sheeeesh

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheesh: how can the realities of a marketplace be "out to lunch"? How can the laws of supply and demand be "extremist"? How can you say "we own it, therefore we can squander it"? Every hear of a community pasture? If so, think they get abused? How about your house and possessions, maybe they should also belong to "Saskatchewan"? Do you think that subsidizing poverty and mediocrity will produce more? I think that your comments are bizarre, they are idealogical and not logical, and illustrate what's wrong with Saskatchewan. I wish you and yoru ilk would move to Cuba where you belong: and remember, it costs virtually nothing to heat your home there because uncle Calvert/Castro will cover heating bills.
And wasn't Calvert secretly planning to privatize gas facilities? Hypocrisy! Socialism or death, as they say in Cuba!

Anonymous said...

Guess I don't need that new HE furnace after all: turn up the heat!

David MacLean said...

Here is the thing about spending energy windfalls. What would you and your family do if you suddenly won $100,000. Would you move in to a hotel for a year and eat out every day, or would you put a big chunk of the money against your mortgage?

Once oil and gas are extracted from the ground and sold on the market, that resource is gone forever. That resource does not belong only to us, but also to future generations.

How would you feel if you found out your parents once had a million dollars, blew it partying, and now you are struggling to get through university?

The reality is that we are carrying a large debt and our population is steadily shrinking. If we have one-time revenues we owe it to future generations to pay down debt.

Besides, paying down debt would free up room in the provincial budget to lower tax rates. Lower taxes would enable people to deal with wild swings in commodity prices.

If that's extremely radical, then call me Osama.

Anonymous said...


I won't call you Osama, but I agree with what you have said here.

It really is a shame that we don't take the debt more seriously. It truly is goign to become a problem as the boomers all hit the golf course 5 days a week.


Scott said...

I thought we sold our gas according to Pat.
Culvert{Robin Hood} "Truthfully Speaking" had to extract 1% more from small business.
We are always wide open for business {not} as long as the NDP owns it and the unions control it.
The last rebate that was supposed to cost 2 million to administer {did they go over budget?}was not given to business that as a rule pays higher power and telephone rates.

Guess who is now farming in Cuba?
Non other than Jack Messer the ex CEO of Sask. Power who Roy fired over Channel lake.
Jack once had a study done on privatizing Sask Power and Sak Tel.
Roy Fired him with a nice severance pack. Was it hush money on the Channel Lake?

Was Ron Osika's appointment to the Board of SGI ever announced.
I guess after he got his but kicked in the election after jumping the fence he couldn't live on his RCMP pension.


Anonymous said...

Sask energy owns no gas fields! The governments own the minerals.
Even if you own mineral rights you only get about 15% of the oil or gas from your land.
Sak energy's profits are used to balance the gov'ts books.
By the way they do rip us off on services and other charges!

John Murney said...

The problem is that the cost of natural gas is going to increase from now on. How much is the government will to subsidize next year, and the year after? At some point, the Saskatchewan Government won't be able to afford this, and the party will be over for taxpayers. One heck of a hangover will be happening then, when people see a multiple-fold increase in their bills, much larger than the one that was proposed before the rebate was announced.

Anonymous said...

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