Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sask Premier lashes out at Paul Martin

Lorne Calvert is doing his best Ralph Klein impersonation. Here's the thing about the ridiculous equalization program: if we aren't taking handouts from the rest of Canada the system would be none of our concern. Where is our dignity?

Update: John Gormley will have Ralph Goodale on live in a few minutes to discuss the equalization issue. Bring on the pandering. Listen live.


Shawn said...

Calvert established what he is earlier this year by speaking in support of the Martin regime, now he and Ralphie are just haggling over price.

Scott said...

A typical socialist likes to share.
{what others have but not what they can accumulate}.
This is why Saskatchewan never creates an economy. We might have to share with others.
One of the richest provinces is stuck on welfare payments from Ottawa. If we do something we are penalised.Get rid of equalization!!
Let's get off our asses and become the great province we should be.
State controlled press and anti business unions and taxes will forever keep us on welfare.
We have the second lowest GDP per capita in North America

Shawn said...

Hear, hear Scott! The province should have the motto "Squandering opportunity."

Anonymous said...

N-Dippers wrap themselves in the SK flag: how to get accress that they are holding us back? Hopefully the SK elcetorate is not so corrupted and weak that it is addicted to the socialists to such an extent that it feels that it needs them in order to survive.

Anonymous said...

Calbert attacking the feds? If we see the "future is wide open" ads back on Sk tv, we'll know that another prov election is iminent.

be sure to vote at "raiseaflag"!


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