Thursday, November 03, 2005

Myth Busting: CTF takes on the BCTF's Talking Points

Check out my latest commentary de-bunking the BCTF's main myths: class size, composition, wages and contract negotiations. It's time to add a dose of reality to the debate and challenge the wishy-washy edicts of the Teachers Federation. It'll be on our website in moments!


Anonymous said...

Maybe if teachers worked 8 hours a day and 52 weeks a year and they would double their pay

Anonymous said...
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Josef said...

Well, how 'bout those MacIntyre Marines?

Man, if I were a BCTF member - I'd surrender before the payback, before the skies are cleared of their MiGs, and before the CF-18s fly over the HQ building.

I think surrender seems more appropiate, eh?

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