Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Harper to work with Layton

Just a thought: If the backroom health reform offer was so terrible so as to shake the principled Jack Layton's confidence in the liberal government, shouldn't Layton share that offer with the taxpaying public? The NDP have said a lot about transparency and accountability yet they keep secret the deal that toppled the government. It says a lot.

Update: Layton is now really really motivated to defeat the government.


TimR said...

Actually I just came across the letter yesterday. I believe it was released in conjunction with the press conference that Dosanjh held on Monday afternoon. You can find it here:

David MacLean said...

Well, according to this the Liberals basically said "we're already doing everything we are going to do."

And it took Jack a weekend to think about?

It's a phony issue.

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