Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gomery's Findings

Read the report here.

UPDATE: Interesting facts regarding Warren Kinsella's involvement in the scandal on page 159 of the report.

1. Clear evidence of political involvement in the administration of the Sponsorship Program;

2. Insufficient oversight at the very senior levels of the public service which allowed program managers to circumvent proper contracting procedures and reporting lines;

3. A veil of secrecy surrounding the administration of the Sponsorship Program and an absence of transparency in the contracting process;

4. Reluctance, for fear of reprisal, by virtually all public servants to go against the will of a manager who was circumventing established policies and who had access to senior political officials;

5. Gross overcharging by communications agencies for hours worked and services provided;

6. Inflated commissions, production costs and other expenses charged by communication agencies and their subcontractors, many of which were related businesses;

7. The use of the Sponsorship Program for purposes other than national unity or federal visibility because of a lack of objectives, criteria and guidelines for the Program;

8. Deliberate actions to avoid compliance with federal legislation and policies, including the Canada Elections Act, Lobbyists Registration Act, the Access to Information Act and Financial Administration Act, as well as federal contracting policy and the Treasury Board Transfer Payments Policy;

9. A complex web of financial transactions among Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), Crown Corporations and communications agencies, involving kickbacks and illegal contributions to a political party in the context of the Sponsorship Program;

10. Five agencies that received large sponsorship contracts regularly channeling money, via legitimate donations or unrecorded cash gifts, to political fundraising activities in Quebec, with the expectation of receiving lucrative government contracts;

11. Certain agencies carrying on their payrolls individuals who were, in effect, working on Liberal Party matters;

12. The existence of a "culture of entitlement" among political officials and bureaucrats involved with the Sponsorship Program, including the receipt of monetary and non-monetary benefits;

13. A pattern of activity whereby a public servant in retirement did extensive business with former recipients of Sponsorship Program contracts; and

14. The refusal of Ministers, senior officials in the Prime Minister's Office and public servants to acknowledge their responsibility for the problems of mismanagement that occurred.

Source: Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, "Who is Responsible", Summary, p. 5-7.


Anonymous said...

Martin is as much to blame in the fact that he is a Liberal.

The ONLY way to send a message to the entire Liberal Party that it is not acceptable to steal, lie and use tax dollars as a slush fund for cronies is to send them all packing.

To exonerate Martin is to say "when scandal occurs, simply change leader" blah blah blah.

Liberal Party should wear this, not just a few people.

WAKE UP CANADA - this guys are CORRUPT and have to GO.

Anonymous said...

3 words:


David MacLean said...

I find it amazing that Paul Martin's defense is that hey called the inquiry. It's embarrassing for Canadians witness this circus.

Chad Moats said...

I'm sure the CTF is wet as October ,over today.

Anonymous said...

Ahh shucks ...Devine and company's scandal was far worse than this - try 14 Billion tax dollars!

Shawn said...

I would be concerned if someone wasn't foaming at the mouth over this. Grant Devine's gov't was rightfully run out of SK for roughly $300,000. What is appropriate for a fraud of this magnitude? Do we have something paralleling RICO statutes in Canada?

Anonymous said...

I think the Devine comment was about the deficit in SK: don't forget that part of that deficit was Blakeney's: also, smart guy, don't forget that in '93, Alberta had a deficit over 20 billion, and now it's gone: they are also dipper-free, which is no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

HArper has demonstarted neither honesty or competence.

The integrity team at the CPC: Brian "I despise you" Pallister, Gurmant Grewal, Peter "I screwed David Orchard" McKay, Vic "election fraud" Toews, Rahim "fake radio interview" Jaffer, James "Assault and conditional discharge" Rajotte.

Give your head a shake.

Anonymous said...

Gomery exonerated Martin. Get over it.

Chad Moats said...

You all know that Ralph Klein is the last great PC premier of Alberta, Check out the pattern of premiers and parties. This is the Tories last one ? It is actually quite wierd.

Anonymous said...

Martin was exonerated get over it.

This type of response is why the Liberals get away with this, and Canadians get high taxes, crumbling roads, and long hospital wait times, all the while politicians live the life of luxury.

Get over it.

Martin was only the guy who signed the cheques and was the senior minister in Quebec. At best, he's ignorant and incompetent. At worst, he ignored warnings about the scandal.

Either way, he's far from "exonerated" despite what Gomery says.

If these guys get re-elected, the West is gone, and probably so is Quebec. SO much for national unity.

Canadians won't get it until Canada is lost forever. What a pathetic shame.

But seriously, get over it.

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